Who we are

Divap is a distributor of multi-brand heavy-duty truck parts, mainly operating in the Volvo and Scania lines.

Present in the market since 2001, always working with great transparency in relationships and focused on satisfying our customers with the best parts for their trucks.

A highly structured company to meet your needs even on the go.

Our four stores were strategically distributed in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and planned to always serve you in the best way. All of then has showroom and specialized service.

Our head office is localized in Serra Gaúcha, the city of Caxias do Sul.

In the metropolitan region, you find the branch office in Canoas, which also serves the coast and south-central state.

One of the news this year of 2019 is our new branch in the city of Ijuí that serves the Northwest region and Missões.

Also, we recently opened our import and distribution unit in the city of Itajaí in Santa Catarina.